PIRTEK Midway Steel Mill Job

Steely Resolve | PIRTEK Midway Takes on Big Mill Job

Steel mills are tough on equipment. The ceaseless activity and demanding work put a strain on the most rugged machinery – including its hydraulics.

A contractor was working on some equipment recently at a steel mill in south St. Paul, Minn. The hydraulic hoses – about 60 of them – needed replacing, and he knew which company to call. MSSTs from PIRTEK Midway in St. Paul were soon onsite turning wrenches and working on the project.

“They were past customers,” said Eric Schultz, general manager at PIRTEK Midway. “We installed the hoses about five years ago, and they had reached the end of their lifecycle.”

The hoses required sleeves and steel overbraids, in addition to a sizable quantity of other parts that PIRTEK Midway supplied. It was a large job, with four people working off and on throughout June 2019. “We got a lot of next-day calls from them during the course of this project,” Schultz said. “One tech worked the weekend to make sure everything was all right. It was a little extra but we worked it in. It’s what we do.”

Despite the job being roughly a month-long, Schultz said it was easily manageable, given the quality of his team. “We have lots of experience here with our operations manager, the people who support him, the techs,” he said. “We’ve got the right people in place, the right team, and we just did it. We just wanted to give the customer that outstanding customer service.”

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