Hot Air Blower Hose


The Hot Air Blower Hose is designed for bulk loading and unloading of dry materials in plants or transport vehicles. The hose transfers hot air from a compressor to the storage bin cargo bay to propel bulk product.

Typical Uses: Hot air blower systems, in-plant transfer, delivery, loading and unloading, general industrial and transportation.

Markets: Compressors, dry cement delivery, in-plant transfers, manifold blowers, tank truck and transportation.

Fittings/Hose Tails: King combination, industrial fittings, single/double bolt and stainless steel band clamps.


Inner Tube: Black, smooth, heat resistant EPDM blended compound.

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cords plus embedded helix wire.

Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped finish) EPDM blended compound, resistant to weathering and ozone.


Hardwall hose designed for the conveyance of hot, dry air from compressors to tank truck during the transfer of dry bulk materials.

Temperature Range: Air: Min -40°F, continuous 300°F, Max Intermittent 356°F.

Blue or Green Chemical Suction & Discharge Hose

Typical Uses: Acids, chemicals, solvents, in-plant tank transfer, delivery and transport

Hot Tar Hose

Typical Uses: Hot asphalt, oil, tar, rail transport cars, tank trucks, storage tanks and disposing units

Push-Lock Hose

Typical Uses: Air tools, low pressure pneumatic systems, robotic welders, water, oil and mild chemical solutions

Superior Multi-Purpose Hose

Typical Uses: Air tools and compressors, water discharge, cooling lines, oils, gasoline and diesel transfer, herbicides and pesticides

Industrial Hose Catalog

Our selection of industrial hoses used for heavy-duty purposes. Here you’ll find each hose as well as the industries that typically use them, their specific information like working pressures, minimum bend radiuses, and more.