Material Handling

Hoses used for transferring rough materials go through some of the most strain of any equipment at a worksite. You need durable, reliable equipment. Our reinforced hoses are abrasion-resistant. They move materials quickly, safely, and best of all, they’re built to last.

Thermoplastic HosesPIRTEK’s extensive line of thermoplastic hoses (TPR7, TPR8, TPR18, TP1W) are available in both single and twin-line configurations. They’re weather-resistant and reinforced to ensure reliability in equipment like forklifts.

Hot Air Blower HoseThe bulk loading of dry materials is a time sink. You want an industrial hose that will transfer these goods quickly and safely, which is exactly what this hose was made to do. Reinforced with synthetic cords and a helix wire, this hose will reliably move your materials and do it quickly.

Blue or Green Chemical Suction and Discharge HoseWhen working with acids and other chemical solvents, it’s imperative that you choose a durable hose created for that exact purpose. Built with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, this hose is guaranteed to move acids without the inner material leeching into the product.

PIRTEK’s hoses were made to weather the wear and tear of material handling. With several options to choose from, we’ll have the proper hose for your needs.

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