PIRTEK Lasting Quality and Value

PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers carry a large selection of hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses with a wide selection of European and Japanese metric fittings needed to manufacture hose assemblies on demand. The PIRTEK range of products is designed to meet the diverse requirements of customers of all sizes and from a broad cross-section of industries.

Full Range of Products:

• Hydraulic Hose
• Industrial Hose
• Thermoplastic Hose
• Specialty Hose
• Quick Release Couplings
• Hydraulic Fittings
• Industrial Fittings
• Tube Fittings
• Adapters
• Hose Protection
• PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove
• Pneumatic
• O-Rings & Kits
• Metric Tube Fittings
• Pressure Gauges
• Pressure Wash Equipment
• Hydraulic Attachment Blocks
• Whip Check Systems
• Grease Guns & Accessories
• Cap & Plug Kits
• Automotive Range: Brake, A/C, Power Steering and Fuel Lines

And more!

Need hose service?

PIRTEK is available to promptly service customers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, with a 1-hour ETA. Our on-site hose repair and replacement service specializes in minimizing equipment downtime. Expert hose counter service is also available during regular business hours. Visit our hydraulic hose and industrial hose services page for additional information. PIRTEK Keeps You Operating!