Mining is a demanding job. With conditions as rough as they are, you need durable and reliable equipment. PIRTEK offers precisely what you need.

Hydraulic Hoses (MSHA Certified)Many of our hydraulic hoses have been manufactured explicitly with MSHA certification in mind. They are available with one or two-wire braids and four or six-wire spiral reinforcement layers. 

Hose Sleeves (MSHA Certified) – Resistant to abrasions, UV rays, mildew, and bacteria growth. Our MSHA certified Hose Sleeves are industrial enough to work in mines and resistant to both freezing and hot weather conditions.

FRAS Straps (MSHA Certified) – Used for the bundling of hose assemblies on heavy equipment. Our FRAS Straps have been constructed using Nylon webbing, giving them a wide stretching radius.

Compressed Air Hose – This hose is reinforced with a high-strength synthetic cord and designed to be more flexible than other hoses on the market, making it easy to reach difficult spaces. Capable of pressures up to 300 PSI, this hose is perfect for clearing dirt and debris from a site.

PIRTEK Endurance Series® Hose – Designed with your ease in mind, the Endurance Series has a bend radius up to 40% tighter than other competing hoses. They’ve all been reinforced and made tough enough to handle your mining projects.

In addition to the large selection of hoses and accessories we offer, many of our technicians have completed the MSHA 24hr safety training course. With this additional training, they can upgrade and modify the hoses on your mining equipment without the time and attention of your crew.

A demanding job requires rugged equipment if it’s going to last long. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the reliability PIRTEK offers.