PIRTEK Industrial Hose

Superior Multi-Purpose Hose

Large photo of PIRTEK's Superior Multi-Purpose Hose


This versatile, non-conductive multi-purpose industrial hose is designed to handle a diverse range of mediums including air, water, hydraulic fluid and petroleum oils. This hose is also used for the transfer of fuel such as gasoline (up to 50% aromatic content), diesel, ethanol blends E10 & E85 and light chemicals with pH above 5. The hose construction is electrically non-conductive with a minimum resistance of one megaohm per inch at 1000 volts DC. The Superior Multi-Purpose Industrial Hose covers a wide range of uses which is intended to minimize the assortment of hoses kept in stock.

Typical Uses: Air tools and compressors, water discharge, cooling lines, oils, gasoline and diesel transfer, herbicides and pesticides

Markets: Construction, manufacturing, automotive facilities, foundries, agriculture and general industry

Fittings/Hose Tails: King combination nipple with clamps, bands and buckles and crimp rings


Inner Tube: Smooth Class A NBR inner tube, oil resistant, aromatic content 50%

Reinforcement: Single layer of high strength polyester yarn

Cover: Red NBR PVC blended cover, abrasion resistant cover, resists oils and ozone weathering


Hydraulic fluid, fuels, oil, air, water, light chemicals, pH above 5, diesel, light oils and petroleum oil products. Many types of oils. Fuels up to aromatic content 50% with E10, E85 and diesel fuel.

Temperature Range: Mineral oil: Min -04°F, continuous 162°F, Water: Min -04°F, continuous 122°F, Max Intermittent 158°F. Air: Min -04°F, continuous 122°, Max Intermittent 158°F.



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