Product Catalogs

The exact specifications for each product we provide can be found on this page. Everything from hose thread counts to hydraulic oil specifications can be found in these catalogs.

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Hydraulic Hose Catalog

Our selection of hydraulic hoses. Here you’ll find each hydraulic hose we offer as well as data pertaining to each one, like working PSI and minimum bend radiuses.

Fittings Catalog

Our large selection of fittings and specific data on each one is found here. Stats like thread numbers and sizes are collected in this PDF.

Adapters Catalog

Here you’ll find Adapters used to connect hose fittings to normally incompatible connection points. Additional information like thread count and product codes are available here.

Tube & Pipe Catalog

The metal piping we provide, as well as specific information on them. Flow rate and temperature recommendations, assembly instructions, standard size data, and more are found here.

Valves & Couplings Catalog

Our valve and coupling information is found here, as well as safe practices when installing them, appropriate flow rates, and much more.

Accessories Catalog

Additional products we provide to make you run smoother. Here you’ll find our automotive fluids, greases, work gloves, and more, as well as technical information on each product.

Technical Data Catalog

Here’s where you’ll find our product inquiry forms, as well as guides to our hose assemblies, a conversion chart from PSI to BAR, a guide on how to identify thread makes, and more.

Industrial Hose Catalog

Our selection of industrial hoses used for heavy-duty purposes. Here you’ll find each hose as well as the industries that typically use them, their specific information like working pressures, minimum bend radiuses, and more.