Construction is a tough job requiring tough equipment. Our hydraulic and industrial hoses handle the wear and tear that a construction site will put them through. These hoses will see you through your projects.

Hydraulic Hose – Extremely high-pressure hydraulic hoses designed for superior fluid movements. These hoses are oil and abrasion-resistant, extremely flexible, and capable of handling large PSI.

Compressed Air Hose – Withstands high pressures of compressed air to efficiently clear dirt and debris; perfect for any project from agriculture to mining.

Fuel Tank Hose – Designed specifically for the low-pressure transfer of fuels like biodiesel, diesel, and ethanol from drums, tanks, and pumps.

Push-Lock Hose – Quick and easy to use, this hose was made with push-on fittings in mind. With a working pressure of up to 300 PSI, this electrically non-conductive hose is perfect for general use.

Sand Blast Hose – Especially durable, this hose blasts sand or other abrasive material to clean, condition, or strip any number of hard surfaces.

The last thing you need is a torn hose that brings construction to a halt. Shop the above hoses and more with PIRTEK.