Trucks, oils, abrasive materials, there’s nothing gentle about transportation. That’s why you need equipment with durability to handle the job. PIRTEK’s industrial hoses are made with reinforced materials capable of withstanding demanding situations, offering a long service life.

Oil/Fuel Suction HoseNeed to transfer gasoline, oil, or other petroleum-based products? Then this is the hose for you. Capable of handling up to 50% aromatic content, this hose will move petroleum products quickly.

Dry Material Discharge Powder HoseReinforced with an abrasive-resistant, high-strength, synthetic chord, this hose was designed specifically to move rough materials from silos to freights as quickly and safely as possible.

Superior Multi-Purpose HoseVersatile and non-conductive, this hose was created to satisfy whatever role required that day. Capable of transferring air, water, oil, or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, this is like the Swiss army knife of hoses.

In addition to our many hydraulic and industrial options, we also carry D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved air brake hoses and fittings. With PIRTEK, you can rest assured that your equipment will do precisely what it’s supposed to – work.

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