Tube Bending

In addition to your hydraulic and industrial hose needs, select PIRTEK locations can provide custom tube bending and fabrication services. Our qualified Service Technicians can remove, fabricate, and install metal tubes using a wide range of sizes and thread forms, including Imperial and Metric. Our large inventory allows us to provide you with an extensive range of terminal end connections used in modern machinery and equipment.

Our tube bending products and services include:

  • Low and High-Pressure Hydraulic Tubes
  • Hydraulic Steel Tubes
  • Carbon and Stainless Tubes
  • Fittings in both Metric and Standard Tube
  • Tube Flaring
  • Custom Tube Fabrication on New Equipment

Our tube bending services are customized to suit your specific needs, including the bend angle, the tubing material, and the thickness of the tube itself. If you have a job that needs tubing, PIRTEK is here for you.

**Please note that this service is only available at select PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers.**

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