PIRTEK’s products can considerably speed up your landscaping operations while keeping your staff safe. Our hoses can quickly move soil, water, and decorative stone materials, making them perfect for your job site.

PIRTEK Endurance Series® Hoses Designed with your ease in mind, the Endurance Series has a bend radius up to 40% tighter than other competing hoses. They’ve all been reinforced and made tough enough to handle your outdoor projects.

Superior Multi-Purpose Hose Capable of transferring nearly everything, from air to petroleum oils. This hose has been reinforced with a layer of high-strength polymer yarn, making it perfect for large jobs, like watering golf greens or other landscaping projects.

PIRTEK 2125P Mechanic GlovesArmored, durable, and comfortable. These offer far more protection than any gardener’s gloves, making them perfect for keeping your hands safe when handling equipment and foliage.

PIRTEK has the most durable, reliable hoses on the market, and our professionally trained technicians are available for emergency on-site service 24/7/365.