Preventative Maintenance Program

PIRTEK’s Preventative Maintenance Program reduces lost production time due to hose failure. The life span of hydraulic and industrial hoses can depend on several factors, including the working environment, site damage, wear and tear, and the number of impulses experienced by the hose assembly. Hoses are often replaced without a second thought or only noticed when a catastrophic failure with subsequent downtime occurs.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program will conduct a hose survey that identifies hoses in need of replacement before the risk of failure becomes too high. The benefits here are two-fold. In addition to spotting hoses requiring replacement, it also highlights those that will remain functional for some time.

Every hose assembly installed by a PIRTEK service technician is identified with a hose tag that records the hose’s age, components used, and our 1-800 hose service number. By keeping up with the hose data, we’re looking out for the continued productivity of your worksite.