Oil & Gas

Safety takes center stage when moving flammable content like oils and gasses. A bursting hose will not only send harmful chemicals seeping into the earth, but it will also put the lives and well-being of your employees at risk.

Fuel Tank HoseReinforced with high-strength polyester yarn and embedded with an anti-static wire, this hose is designed specifically for the safe transfer of fuels and oils with up to 50% aromatic content.

Oil/Fuel Suction HoseNeed to transfer gasoline, oil, or other petroleum-based products? Then this is the hose for you. Capable of handling up to 50% aromatic content, this hose will move petroleum products quickly.

Superior Multi-Purpose HoseVersatile and non-conductive, this hose was created to satisfy whatever role required that day. Capable of transferring air, water, oil, or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, this is like the Swiss army knife of hoses.

Don’t leave the safety of your employees and the worksite up to chance. Call your local PIRTEK today to schedule your hose maintenance.

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