It isn’t news that production efficiency is critical in manufacturing projects. To keep those machines pumping, you need quality equipment that isn’t going to slow the process down. PIRTEK has what you need.

PIRTEK Endurance Series® Hose – Designed with your ease in mind, the Endurance Series has a bend radius up to 40% tighter than other competing hoses. They’ve all been reinforced and made tough enough to handle your manufacturing projects.

Blue or Green Chemical Suction and Discharge HoseCreated to handle approximately 98% of commonly used acids, chemicals, and solvents. This hose is guaranteed to resist leaching, keeping your chemicals pure.

Superior Multi-Purpose HoseVersatile and non-conductive, this hose was created to satisfy whatever role required that day. Capable of transferring air, water, oil, or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, this is like the Swiss army knife of hoses.

PIRTEK 2125P Mechanic Gloves Sturdier than our 2121P variant, these gloves keep the wearer’s hands safe from danger. Perfect for impact protection, wet/dry grip, and cold weather.

These are only a few of our products for manufacturing projects. Don’t allow production to stop due to a ruptured hose. PIRTEK is a one-stop shop for all your hose needs.