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Hot Tar Hose

Large photo of PIRTEK's Hot Tar Hose


The Hot Tar Hose is designed for the transfer of tar, asphalt, hot oil and other high-temperature petroleum-based products. It is suitable for suction and discharge service on tank trucks, tank cars or at bulk stations.

Typical Uses: Hot asphalt, oil, tar, rail transport cars, tank trucks, storage tanks and disposing units

Markets: Tank truck, construction, oil field, manufacturing plants

Fittings/Hose Tails: Permanently attached fittings, cam locks with multiple bands and buckles, interlocking ground joint couplings and Tri-Lokt® fittings


Inner Tube: Seamless NBR bended, oil resistant

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord with one helix wire

Cover: Black NBR rubber resistant to abrasion, oils, ozone and weathering


Transfer hose suitable for the suction and delivery of petroleum-based products at elevated temperatures, such as tar, asphalt and oil.

Temperature Range: Min -4°F up to 356°F Max Intermittent.

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