You need a reliable hose in a fast-paced environment, such as production. Some hoses commonly used in production are:

Hydraulic HoseExtremely high-pressure hydraulic hoses designed for superior fluid movements. These hoses are oil and abrasion-resistant, extremely flexible, and capable of handling large PSI.

Push-Lock HoseWhen speed is crucial, you need simplicity. This hose was created to work with push-lock fittings, making them quick to set up and simple to use. If you need something attended to quickly, this is the hose for you.

Superior Multi-Purpose HoseVersatile and non-conductive, this hose was created to satisfy whatever role required that day. Capable of transferring air, water, oil, or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, this is like the Swiss army knife of hoses.

Hot Air Blower HoseDesigned with bulk loading in mind, this hose will move materials from dumpsites to trucks quickly and safely. Reinforced with high-strength synthetic cords and a helix wire, this is one of our toughest hoses on hand.

With PIRTEK’s maintenance and replacement program, you can rest assured that your hoses are working efficiently and safely, ensuring your production continues smoothly.