Hydraulic Filtration Systems

The PIRTEK Filtration System is a simple and easy to install bypass filtration unit. On-board oil recycling is an affordable option for all types of equipment and fleets. The bypass filtration unit can safely extend the oil drain intervals while increasing the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your equipment and staff by up to 85%.

Contaminants, water, and heat are the three largest factors of hydraulic issues. The PIRTEK Filtration System will de-contaminate oil down to one micron (three absolute), remove over 99% of all water and reduce heat by removing contaminants circulating through the pumps.

The bypass filtration unit does not replace the existing filter but is added into the existing lubricating or hydraulic system.


• Filter Down to 1 Micron
• Increase Component Life
• Extended Oil Intervals
• Removes Harmful Water
• Increase Soot Control
• Reduces Labor Costs
• Increased Sustainability
• Lifetime Warranty
• No Moving Parts
• Short or Immediate Return on Investment

Filtration Microns:


ISO 4406 Particle Counts and Size: