PIRTEK Northwest Crossing Italian Job

Northwest Crossing Picks Up Job Recommended By Italian Company

It helps to be an internationally recognized brand.

A company in Houston had a sophisticated piece of equipment that required some hydraulic hose work. The problem: It was from Italy, and the U.S. company wasn’t sure how to proceed.

After calling the machine’s overseas manufacturers, the company received a valuable piece of advice: See if there’s a PIRTEK in your area.

There was. PIRTEK Northwest Crossing in Houston got a call.

“We scheduled a meeting with them,” said Kody LeFever, an MSST at PIRTEK Northwest Crossing. “It was quite a bit of hoses. Basically, all German-metric equipment.”

Included in the meeting were representatives of the Italian company. They spoke little English, LeFever said, but he was able to communicate through the language barrier, thanks to some rudimentary knowledge of Spanish.

“Italian and Spanish have some common words, and I was able to pick up some of it,” he said. “It was tricky, but I figured out what they wanted.”

The machine resurfaces metal flanges used in oil wells to transport product. LeFever’s work on that piece involved approximately 150 hoses. Then the customer had him service a second machine, this one with about 125 hoses. Most were long, between 20 and 40 feet.

One of LeFever’s challenges was following metric specs and converting everything to the system used in the United States. “The calculations turned out fine, it all came out perfect,” he said.

The customer was happy and, more than a year later, PIRTEK Northwest Crossing receives regular service calls from that company. “We do all the hosing now at their facility,” LeFever said. “Whether it’s a forklift that’s gone down or other equipment, we get the call.”

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