PIRTEK Lakeland

Lakeland Advances From Mobile-Only To Full Service Center

Industrial hose service in Central Florida to concentrate on construction, mining, automotive work

PIRTEK Lakeland has expanded to a full brick-and-mortar location after a successful three years as a mobile-only operation. The franchise opened in Central Florida under the company’s Tier 2 program, which enables business owners to start up a PIRTEK at a lower initial cost.

“We have the right people in the right location, and that makes a difference,” said Brian Underwood, PIRTEK Lakeland’s Director of Sales.

PIRTEK specializes in hydraulic and industrial hose service from its locations throughout the country. PIRTEK team members are available 24/7 to provide onsite repairs to hydraulic and industrial hoses, thanks to the company’s specially equipped Mobile Service Vehicles. PIRTEK boasts more than 400 franchise locations in 23 countries around the world, including 90 in the United States.

The new PIRTEK Lakeland Service & Supply Center is at 4300 S. Frontage Road, Bays 10-11, Lakeland, FL 33815. The location has four techs working mobile service and one in the shop.

A Tier 2 franchisee can keep the company inventory in a small warehouse or storage facility and lease two vehicles. After three years, a Tier 2 franchise is expected to advance to Tier 1, which includes a full Service & Supply Center staffed with six team members and at least two Mobile Service Vehicles.

Underwood said that he and the staff will focus their efforts on winning customers by developing relationships within the industrial community. “This method of relationship selling is a major key in winning and keeping new customers,” he said.

The core of PIRTEK Lakeland’s business includes construction, road construction and a heavy concentration in the rental industry. Mining is also a pronounced industry in the area around Lakeland.

“We have aggregate mines, phosphorus mines, the largest concentration of mines in the state of Florida,” Underwood said.

He added that PIRTEK Lakeland will be targeting customers in the automotive industry, particularly those working with brake lines and power steering lines. “It’s a source of repeat business,” Underwood said. “You do a brake line and they call you for a hose job the next day.”

Art Snyder, Operations Manager, said the location has been successful, in part, because of the team’s determination in building relationships with prospects. “It’s taken a lot of sales calls, just working hard every day to build customer rapport,” Snyder said.

Another factor he cites is the practice of PIRTEK Lakeland personnel answering the after-hours calls themselves instead of relying on answering services. “We rotate, answering calls full-time, 24/7,” Snyder said. “We’ve seen growth in Lakeland because we have knowledgeable people answering the calls, responding to customer questions, sometimes even helping the customers fix something themselves. We have good communication skills to go with our technical skills.”

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