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Fuel Tank Hose

Large photo of PIRTEK's Fuel Tank Hose


The Fuel Tank Hose is designed for low pressure dispensing or transfer of refined fuels such as biodiesel, diesel, ethanol, gasoline and oil from drums, gravity feed farm pumps, hand pumps, powered pumps, skid tanks, and storage tanks where Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing is not required. This hose should not be used in curb pump hose application.

Typical Uses: Agricultural equipment fuel filler hose, farm, electrical and barrel-type pumps, fuel dispensing hose for construction and industrial equipment

Markets: Agriculture, construction

Fittings/Hose Tails: Brass crimped ends


Inner Tube: Seamless synthetic rubber, oil resistant class A NBR (Nitrile) rubber

Reinforcement: High strength polyester yarn with one embedded anti-static wire

Cover: Abrasion resistant black NBR / PVC blend resistant to oils, ozone and weathering


The softwall makes it extremely flexible in a fuel application. Contains a built-in anti-static wire which is grounded to the fitting. Used for barrel pumping to farm equipment and for fueling construction and industrial equipment

Temperature Range: Min -20°F up to +158°F Max Intermittent.

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