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PIRTEK USA Sponsors Amsoil Championship Snocross

We’re very proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the annual Amsoil Championship Snocross season for the 8th consecutive year in a row. Only this time, we’re the title sponsors of the season’s first race! The PIRTEK Snocross National will take place January 7th – 8th at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. We’ll also have a special giveaway for those interested in attending the races. We’ll be offering tickets and Pit Passes for every race in the season, including one VIP experience for a lucky PIRTEK winner!

For those of you who are new to PIRTEK, we’ve been avid supporters of Snocross for several years now. Snocross is a high-performance snowmobile race that takes place every year in the Winter. Racers make their way through a track, using ramps to soar into the air. To put it simply, it’s basically Motocross, but instead of dirt and motorbikes, it’s snow and snowmobiles, and we love it! The championship starts in January, but it will run all the way to March 26th. There are also several different racetrack locations during each championship series.

PIRTEK will advertise heavily throughout the event. During our title race, we’ll have 

  • on-track PIRTEK flags
  • our logo on the winner’s podium and trophy
  • an event program advertisement. 

Throughout the entire season, we’ll have:

  • on-site PIRTEK TV signs and banners
  • commercials on their jumbotron and livestream 
  • a billboard and video ad on CBS Sports
  • online advertisements

We’ll also have our logo on the track groomer that gave inspiration to Snocross’s digital mascot, “Gary the Groomer.” Fans can engage with Gary on Twitter (@GaryTheGroomer), Facebook, and Instagram. He’ll report track condition updates on a livestream and social media on race days.

If that wasn’t enough, PIRTEK’s very own franchise owner, Craig Heitkamp, will once again be sponsoring the Hentges racing team! The team has two champion racers, Kody Kamm and Oskar Norum. Kody has ranked highly in Snocross races in the past, with Oskar doing the same in the Swedish series. We’ll be rooting for them both this year!

Hurry and buy your tickets here, or watch the event live on stream from January 7th to the 8th; the race is sure to be a blast! We’re excited to be sponsoring the championship once again, and we hope to see you there!

PIRTEK USA Sponsors Snocross Thrills & Chills

As the mercury drops across the country each winter, fun and excitement revs up for high-flying snowmobile racers and their fans. This year, the opening rounds of AMSOIL Championship Snocross will take place January 8th-9th at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, MN. PIRTEK USA’s title race, the PIRTEK Snocross National, is scheduled for March 5th-6th at the same location. PIRTEK USA is proud to sponsor this exciting sport for the seventh consecutive year.

Snocross is much like motocross, with nonstop stunts and daring jumps. However, these racers ride snowmobiles in lieu of dirt bikes. The snowy track is groomed to launch riders high into the air for maximum adrenaline! Fans are delighted by courageous acrobatics, blasts of snow, and competitive action.

Track groomers operate plows throughout each event on the tour to keep the snow surface just right for the racers to zip around and catch lots of air. Social media personality, “Gary the Groomer,” will be operating one of these snow plows, outfitted with the PIRTEK logo. His social media presence includes regular posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where he shares photos, videos, and even updates on weather and track conditions. Fans can also follow Gary the Groomer’s adventures on his fan page.

The 2021 AMSOIL Championship Snocross series will consist of 16 national rounds, starting at ERX and ending in late March in Grand Rapids, Mich. All events will air on the series’ live-stream channels, as well as the CBS Sports Network airing in the weeks following the race.

“While this season will look a little different due to social distancing and other safety protocols, we are confident that these events will be just as entertaining as always” said Georganne DeSeve, PIRTEK USA Marketing Manager. “We all work hard to make Snocross a success and know that the fans are eager to see what this year has in store.”

In addition to PIRTEK USA’s Snocross sponsorship, one of their many franchise owners, Craig Heitkamp, has gotten involved with the sport as well. Craig owns several Minnesota PIRTEK locations, where the sport originated and near venues where the majority of the events are held. He is a yearly sponsor of the Hentges Racing Team, which was formed in 2000 and has two racers in the circuit.

PIRTEK USA will once again participate in Operation Vet NOW’s Vet Village during the title race weekend. Vet Village helps military veterans get information about mental health, career and other military-to-civilian programs. 

PIRTEK is also giving away two complimentary general admission tickets before each race to one lucky winner. In addition to the tickets, the winner will get pit access and a PIRTEK swag bag. PIRTEK is conducting the complimentary ticket promotion online for the location and surrounding area of each weekend’s race.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more about the Snocross races.

PIRTEK is again title sponsor of Snocross National series

Come January, the snowmobiles will once again be roaring around a powdery track in the PIRTEK Snocross National Presented by Jimmy John’s, PIRTEK’s signature Snocross event in Shakopee, MN.

The competition is part of the Amsoil Snocross National, PIRTEK is a corporate sponsor, along with multi-franchise owner, Craig Heitkamp. In addition to sponsoring the Shakopee event and the entire Snocross series, both PIRTEK and Heitkamp are sponsors of the Hentges racing team. The Hentges drivers are Kody Kamm and Petter Narsa who have both posted impressive results in past competitions. Last season, Kamm won two of the three Snocross finale races in Lake Geneva and placed second overall in the season competition. Narsa placed fourth for the 2017-2018 season.

“The entire series is exciting but we especially look forward every year to the PIRTEK Snocross National, our big event,” said Georganne DeSeve, PIRTEK USA marketing manager. “Snocross is such a thrilling competition and everyone here at PIRTEK appreciates the opportunity to help make it possible.”

Snocross is a high-adrenaline competition that features snowmobiles in the place of motorcycles. Fans enjoy the extreme jumps and fast action around the tracks. The PIRTEK brand appears prominently on participating snowmobiles, in addition to the track groomer.

The “Gary the Groomer” digital media character is featured on the Snocross.com website. Fans can interact with the character on Twitter(@GaryTheGroomer), Facebook and Instagram. Gary will report track condition updates on live stream and social media on days of events. Make sure to follow for updates!

Welcome to the Gary the Groomer’s Fan Page!

My name is Gary the Groomer. In my line of work, there’s no business like snow business…if you get my drift.

From November to March, you’ll find me preparing the tracks for the exciting Snocross races at snow resorts across the country grooming the snowmobile race tracks and making the conditions just right for the action-packed competitions.

There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye. I’m no ordinary snow groomer. I’m a social media celebrity – at least in my own mind. I love posting videos of the races and photos of the awesome fans, as well as the track conditions for people who attend in-person or who watch our races inline on our Livestream Broadcast.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find our more about the races, race teams and the amazing daredevil snowmobile race drivers!

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