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Collaboration Between PIRTEK Locations Sets Stage for Big Customer Win

Great Lakes barge taps PIRTEK Menomonee for massive hose replacement job

The Integrity, a giant barge that travels the Great Lakes, needed some hoses replaced – 258 of them. That was too big a job for some hydraulics maintenance companies, and the vessel’s owner, Andrie, Inc., had difficulty finding a quote on the work. 

That is, until the company contacted PIRTEK Menomonee Falls.

“They really needed a company that specialized in onsite hose replacement with multiple centers around the Great Lakes,” said Tom Fechter, owner of the Service & Supply Center in Menomonee Falls, WI. “That’s where we came in.”

The Integrity was operating out of Muskegon, MI, where it was hauling Portland cement for a Swiss client. The ship docked for the winter in Milwaukee, which is near Menomonee Falls, and the search began for someone to do the hose replacement work.

“Three of us walked the boat for three hours, checking it out – it was not a small job,” said Fechter, adding that all the ship’s hoses need replacing every seven years.

One of the main selling points for PIRTEK was its multiple centers around the Great Lakes, especially its presence in port cities. That means if a hose needs replacing near a nautically accessible center such as Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, or Muskegon, the company would get the same, standardized replacement service. “They really liked that we had centers located in so many areas,” Fechter said.

In fact, Fechter teamed up with Ed Cushing, General Manager of PIRTEK Madison Heights, PIRTEK Sterling Heights, PIRTEK Westland, and PIRTEK Wixom, to work out a special tagging matrix for the barge – something the customer requested to further simplify future hose replacements on the ship.

“We got together to make this work for the customer,” Fechter said. “It really resonated with them that they could be anywhere, make a stop to go into port, and the hose they needed would be ready to go.’”

As a result of the collaboration, Cushing had an opportunity to bid on a hose replacement job on the Innovation, a sister ship owned by the same company.

“Tom and I worked together to make sure both centers were on the same page, treating the customer the same for uniformity and organization,” said Cushing, “The more organized and uniform we are, the better we promote the brand.”

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