Brand Name Recognition Helps Land Three Rolls Royce Jobs for PIRTEK Elmwood, New Orleans

Testing of jet engines at high-tech NASA facility requires some extra lift from PIRTEK Elmwood

PIRTEK Elmwood is serving its biggest customer ever – Rolls Royce – thanks to the power of the PIRTEK name.

Back in January, company representatives were seeking a PIRTEK Service & Supply Center to provide hoses for a test of jet engines that the luxury automaker manufactures. The engineers had flown in from Germany and needed to find a PIRTEK location near the John C. Stennis Space Center, a NASA rocket-testing facility near the Louisiana-Mississippi border.

“The gentlemen were looking for a PIRTEK and walked into our center; they knew PIRTEK in Germany and had used our hoses,” said Carl Prince, owner of PIRTEK Elmwood in the New Orleans area. “They wondered if we could do this job. We said, ‘Yeah, that’s what we do.’”

NASA’s largest test facility for rocket engines is on the banks of the Pearl River in Mississippi, about 60 minutes from PIRTEK Elmwood. In addition to rocket engines, the NASA facility also tests Rolls Royce engines made for Boeing 737s and Gulfstream G650s. The stringent testing occurs while the engines dangle from special harnesses.

Before that job was even finished, PIRTEK Elmwood got another call from Rolls Royce: They needed hoses for a machine that cools a large laser operating at the same facility. The client provided some complex schematics so PIRTEK could identify the required hoses. Prince called upon Richard Evans, PIRTEK USA technical manager, to help interpret the schematics.

“Richard helped figure it out; he determined what they needed and was part of a three-way phone conversation,” Prince said. “We were under the gun to get it done in less than two weeks – we could not miss the date.”

And they didn’t.

“We got the hoses to them within two days of the deadline,” Prince said. “The customer was ecstatic with our performance. We came through for him and he was really impressed.”

And that led to yet another Rolls Royce job for PIRTEK Elmwood at the NASA facility: Hose work for a huge cooling tower on wheels designed to regulate the temperatures of the engines being tested. “It’s bigger than a house, it’s massive,” Prince said. “When it came over from England, they discovered that the hoses had dry rot, so they needed replacing.”

The hoses on all three projects were sizable, and included lengths of up to 250 running feet. PIRTEK Elmwood wrapped up the work in February.

“The cooling tank job was more than just furnishing the hoses – we performed the labor, too,” Prince said. “Everything went as it should. PIRTEK came through for them.”

PIRTEK Space Coast Exterior

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