OPG hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup Service

Best Hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup Service Recommendation

Because Spilled Hydraulic Oil is Hazardous to Workers As Well As The Environment

Highly flammable and toxic, a hydraulic oil spill is hazardous to workers as well as the environment. When a hydraulic hose fails, the pressurized oil inside is forced to the breach with intense force. Even small ruptures can allow many gallons of hydraulic oil to leak out.

While the first priority is to repair the broken hose as quickly as possible, the very next step should be to cleanup the hydraulic oil spill area. Even though the equipment is back up and running, the worksite is not fully operational until all contaminants have been neutralized.

Additionally, the longer a hydraulic oil spill is allowed to absorb into the ground, the more complicated and costly it becomes to remove. To solve this problem as quickly as possible, we recommend to schedule hydraulic oil cleanup by the bioremediation experts at OPG+.

Currently servicing Florida, Tennessee, and California; OPG+ is rapidly growing their coverage area and will soon provide full service across the US. Their bioremediation methods reduce environmental cleanup costs and downtime by treating the hazardous spill in place with no secondary action required, such as digging or removing still hazardous materials.

OPG+ can dispatch their Quick Response Team – comprised of skilled bioremediation technicians who are all HAZWOPER certified – to most locations within hours.

The product, OPG+1 uses nature’s own remediation process to break down hazardous materials. Their formula uses plant enzymes to convert hydraulic oil and other waste into food for the bacteria that are naturally present in the area. This all-natural product leaves behind only CO2 and water! It works for hydraulic oil spills on grass, soil, concrete, asphalt and fresh or saltwater.

The OPG+1 formula adheres to hydrocarbons so that even if the spilled hydraulic oil flows into nearby storm drains, it will continue to remediate. This protects the neighboring water supply and local wildlife, while protecting businesses from adverse actions from the EPA.

An OPG+ service call is an ideal follow-up to a PIRTEK custom hydraulic hose repair. Once the new hydraulic hose is in place, and the area has been remediated, work can resume with minimal disruption.

OPG+ hydraulic oil spill cleanup process is listed by many agencies as an approved clean up process. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists them on it’s National Contingency Plan for oil spills, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection includes the product on their Innovative Technology list.

This revolutionary formula is used by all five branches of the US military. You can find more information, schedule service, and read about successful hydraulic spill cleanups that OPG+ has performed at https://opgplus.com.