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Off to a Great Start,

                                                                          The New PIRTEK USA

                                                            Headquarters Lays its Slab

       Only three months after ground      In a single night, 100 cement trucks
       breaking, the new PIRTEK USA        off loaded to start the process.
       headquarters in Rockledge, Florida
       has come a long way with the slab   A total of 269 trucks have delivered
       laid and the walls going up! These   cement!
       pictures taken from drone footage
       give a true perspective of the 10-acre   105,509 Sq. Ft. poured to date
       property that will consist of 120,000   equals the equivalent to 1.83 Football
       square feet of warehouse space and   Fields or 2.41 Acres.
       20,000 of office space.
                                           Total of 2,800 cubic yards = 565,600
       You may be wondering how much       Gallons of Cement. That’s enough to
       cement it takes to lay a slab of that   fill an olympic size swimming pool!
       size? Well here’s some fun facts to
       put it in perspective!

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