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 Cap and Plug Kits

 Make the Job Safe and Clean. Pick the Kits You Need.  Hello and welcome to the 2017   commitment to utilize local trades
                                            Summer edition of Fluid Magazine.    and suppliers, along with PIRTEK
                                                                                 customers wherever possible.
                                            I trust that everyone has enjoyed    To date, this commitment has
                                            the summer so far; it really is      been met.
                                            a great time of the year to get
                                            outdoors and spend some time         Within our social media channels,
                                            with family and friends.             we will be sharing some awesome
                                                                                 drone footage showing the
                                            The PIRTEK organization has          concrete slab being poured. It’s
                                            certainly had a lot going on         an amazing process that took over
                                            this summer. Franchise growth,       265 cement trucks to fill! Visit our
                                            with three new PIRTEK Service        Facebook page today and see
                                            & Supply Centers in Chicago,         for yourself!
                                            Salt Lake City and Orange, CA.
                                            Additionally, we have expanded our  PIRTEK is ranking in the Top
                                            Tier 2 mobile service in Daytona     200 Global Franchise list by
                                            and Fort Lauderdale.                 Entrepreneur Magazine. The
                                                                                 success we are seeing is truly a
             The PIRTEK                     I would also like to welcome two     team effort and a demonstration of
                                                                                 the franchise networks dedication
                                            new franchise owners of pre-
          organization has                  existing locations. In April, Dave   to their businesses and servicing
      certainly had a lot going             Herbert of PIRTEK Altamonte          the Industry 24/7.
                                            Springs in Orlando, FL came
           on this summer.                  onboard. With Paula Myer of          There are many more articles
                                            PIRTEK Palo Verde in Tucson, AZ      inside, so I trust you will enjoy
                                            being our newest franchise owner,    reading this edition of Fluid
                                            she started her ownership in June.   magazine, while we ride out the
                                            We are thrilled to have both of      rest of the summer.
                                            them join the PIRTEK family.
                                                                                 See you again in the fall.
                                            In the last issue, we shared the
                                            ground-breaking ceremony of          Kind regards
                                            the new Corporate Headquarters
                                            in Rockledge, FL. Since then,
                                            incredible progress has been
                                            made, with the foundations and       GLENN DUNCAN CEO,
                                            slab poured, the walls and steel     PIRTEK USA
                                            frame will be erected next week.
                                            The construction of the new
                                            headquarters is creating a buzz
                                            in Brevard County. We made a
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