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PIRTEK USA is proud to help children in need with their
         contribution to The Children’s Hunger Project of Brevard

                                                                                  in which they live and work, which
                                                                                  happens to be one of PIRTEK USA’s
                                                                                  new Core Values.

                                                                                  “A year ago, we discovered the
                                                                                  Children’s Hunger Project when we
                                                                                  made our original contribution”,
         (May, 2017) - PIRTEK USA’s is happy   hungry or malnourished. Childhood   says Georganne DeSeve, Marketing
         to contribute to the Children’s Hunger   hunger, among many other health   Manager at PIRTEK USA. “While
         Project of Brevard again this year!    and developmental complications,   planning our spring 2017 fundraiser
         “With the great partnership and     leads to a weaker immune system and   the team at PIRTEK USA felt that
         vivacity of the donation last year, we   difficulty being able to effectively learn   we should make our donation to
         were thrilled to help with this great   or pay attention in the classroom.   the charity again. It’s a great feeling
         cause yet again,” said Marketing    Hungry children are often times much   knowing that our contribution can
         Manager, Georganne DeSeve.          more prone to becoming ill and have   feed about 6 children for an entire
                                             noticeably lower academic success
         In Brevard county alone, the number   compared to children with the proper   year.
         of children who receive the free and   nutrition.                        To learn more about the Children’s
         reduced meals at school is close to                                      Hunger Project or to make your own
         50% of the total number of children in   This is a cause that PIRTEK enjoys   donation visit,
         school. The Children’s Hunger project   standing behind because it helps
         will help children in need so that they   children in need and it also allows
         never have to go another day feeling   them to be a part of the community

               PIRTEK Trivia Quiz #41

               Answer the question below correctly by November 30, 2017 and you will be entered in a
               drawing to win a $200 Visa Gift Card. To enter visit:

               Hint: The answer can be found in this newsletter.

               What amenity was not listed as one of the Philips Arena Renovations features in the article?

                         A. Barber Shop
                         B. Courtside Bar
                         C. Simulated Golf-Swing Area
                         D. Arcade

               Disclaimer: We will choose at random one winner who answered the question correctly.
               ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. The contest is not open to PIRTEK employees or
               family members.

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