PIRTEK Partners With NVHS to Assist Homeless Veteran Program

Sep 19, 2022 | News

Homeless Veterans in the United States

PIRTEK has always supported American veterans. When service members end their military careers and rejoin civilian life, it can be a challenging process. The skills they learn are helpful in many industries, and the benefits the government affords are supposed to make the transition easier. Sadly though, it doesn’t always work out this way.

The fact that there are so many veterans experiencing homelessness in the United States is a heartbreaking truth, and that’s why we’re stepping up to do something about it! PIRTEK is partnering with the National Veterans Homeless Support (NVHS) in its mission to end veteran homelessness in Central Florida!

Who Is the NVHS?

Founded in 2008, the NVHS was created to help solve the growing problem of veteran homelessness in Florida’s Brevard County. Through their efforts, 91 cents of every donated dollar are used to assist homeless veterans by connecting them with beneficial support services and providing them with housing options and basic supplies. They have several programs to help accomplish their goals.

Their Programs

Helping a veteran get off the streets is one thing, but making that change permanent can be challenging. Homelessness is a multifaceted problem, and veterans often face additional hurdles to staying off the streets. The experts at NVHS know this, and that’s why they’ve developed three unique programs designed to assist veterans in the most critical ways, including providing supplies, psychological assistance, and roofs over their heads.

Search & Rescue Program

Providing housing isn’t always the first step. Sometimes, locating those who are or are at risk of becoming homeless, regardless of veteran status, is challenging. The Search & Rescue Program is a street-level outreach program that sends NVHS volunteers into the communities where homeless veterans reside. This first step is designed to swiftly find homeless and at-risk veterans and their dependents. This helps to ensure that their basic needs can immediately be met. This assistance includes supplies like food, toiletries, and clothing.

Once the veterans’ most basic needs are provided for, a relationship is built. The veterans are connected to local programs that help with affordable housing, employment, and benefits assistance to get them off the streets.

The Search & Rescue Program also serves veterans at risk of homelessness. Through a referral system, NVHS will work with landlords to stop evictions, work with pro bono lawyers to remove any legal issues preventing a stable life, and assist with rent and utilities during the holiday season.

Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness

With years spent delving into mental health, the general awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has become far more prevalent. However, our actual medical understanding of PTSD is still lacking.

PTSD affects individuals differently, creating varying levels and difficulties for each veteran. More severe cases of PTSD, like those generated from prolonged combat, can lead to homelessness. Often, veterans won’t try to find assistance for fear of ostracization from their friends and family, or they consider it a blow to their pride, as service members are trained to handle anything.

While resourcefulness and self-determination are admirable traits, sometimes people need help. The PTSA program seeks to spread further awareness of PTSD and explain actions that can be taken to alleviate its symptoms. PTSA will also provide an anonymous way to seek assistance to help reach those who would be reluctant to seek help otherwise.

Transitional Housing

As NVHS puts it, “Sometimes veterans are homeless because of joblessness, but sometimes they are jobless because of homelessness.” Many jobs require applicants to have a mailing address even to be considered, which poses an obvious problem for those with housing instability. NVHS owns four properties that provide supportive housing for up to 17 people. Veterans and their dependents can rest, clean themselves and their clothes at these locations, and get back on their feet.

PIRTEK Is Proud to Assist

When NVHS was founded in 2008, Florida’s Brevard County had approximately 1,800 homeless veterans on file. By 2018, NVHS had reduced that number to less than 300, decreasing the homeless veteran population by 88%. NVHS now seeks to expand its operations to all of Central Florida.

To launch our new partnership, PIRTEK is proud to sponsor two of NVHS’s upcoming events, the 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament on September 30th and the NVHS 5th Annual Homestretch 5k for Homeless Veterans on November 13th.

Together, we can end homelessness among veterans in our community!

For more information on NVHS, please visit www.nvhs.org.


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