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Taking the leap to own your own business can be scary for many. For PIRTEK USA franchise owner Matt Krasowski, it was as smooth of a transition as you can get.

Considering Matt was an employee of PIRTEK prior to beginning his entrepreneurial journey, his employment­turned-ownership evolved from a mere pitstop opportunity into his livelihood. After Matt grew up working in the trades with his dad, finding the structured and accessible entry into the world of hydraulic and industrial hose services was the guiding hand he needed to leap into business ownership. Matt’s success story reflects PIRTEK’s emphasis on innovative approaches, franchisor support, and the crucial balance between ownership and technical skills. His commitment to a 18 FRANCHISING MAGAZINE USA unified, family-like work environment, marketing strategies, and philanthropic endeavors further exemplifies the holistic opportunities and support system that define the PIRTEK USA franchising experience. As Matt looks ahead with confidence, his journey stands as an inspirational testament to the potential for dedicated and goal-oriented individuals to thrive within the world of franchising, particularly with PIRTEK USA.

Before becoming a part of the renowned PIRTEK USA franchise system, Matt’s career began close to home. He joined his local labor union where he honed his skills and learned the value of hard work. As a mechanic at his father’s shop and a heavy equipment operator, Matt’s early career involved a variety of hands-on roles, and his expertise and knowledge grew with every repair he made.

Life unexpectedly turned when the Chicago PIRTEK USA location sought his expertise. What seemed like another pitstop opportunity soon became a passion as Matt discovered the ins and outs of this specialized field with the help of PIRTEK. His enthusiasm and determination grew for the business, the company, and work. That was when he realized he wanted more than just being part of a franchise; he wanted to own a PIRTEK location.

The appeal of franchising with PIRTEK lies in its structured and accessible entry into the business world, catering to individuals like Matt, who may have come from a limited business management and entrepreneurship background. PIRTEK prides itself on working with franchisees from all backgrounds, aiding them in all aspects, and having a solid brand identity. PIRTEK has two tiers of franchising: a fully mobile business option allowing franchisees to gradually build clientele at a lower initial investment cost. At the same time, the other encompasses a retail store location with staff and fully equipped vehicles. With a global presence spanning over 475 locations, Matt confidently took his first step into franchising. The fact that PIRTEK is recession-resistant further solidified Matt’s assurance that his investment in the company would prove worthwhile.

Starting a business from the ground up meant facing several challenges, particularly acquiring a customer base. PIRTEK’s emphasis on high customer retention rates supported Matt as he navigated the unfamiliar waters of entrepreneurship. The company provided him with a territory right next to their own, making it easier than ever for him to cultivate relationships with potential customers. The franchising support team at PIRTEK ensured he had the support he needed to overcome the initial obstacles with new business development from day 1.

He is now the owner of PIRTEK’s Merrillville, Indiana location and in the ever-changing world of business operations, Matt has found success by adopting innovative approaches that he observed from the PIRTEK Chicago shops, as well as utilizing the continual administrative support that PIRTEK has to offer. He recognizes the importance of combining his role as the owner with his technician skills, enabling him to identify and address problems effectively. Matt has noted that PIRTEK customers appreciate the personal touch he brought to sales calls, knowing that the owner himself was ensuring their needs were met.

He embarked on the journey with PIRTEK USA alongside his wife, Angharad. Matt emphasized the importance of being on the same page, sharing a common goal, and working together to make their business flourish. Their unified approach sets them apart from working with non-family members.

Running a business for the first time has not been without its share of struggles, with the unpredictability of the upcoming winter weather as a significant factor. Winter presents a unique challenge, but Matt, Angharad, and the PIRTEK team are currently devising a plan to access their target markets, such as snowplows.

Drawing on the marketing support offered by PIRTEK, Matt has learned about accessing these markets, and he takes comfort in the ongoing support he receives from the PIRTEK team, who are committed to assisting franchisees every step of the way.

Matt underscores the importance of the tight-knit, family-like work environment he has fostered at PIRTEK. Matt states, “You must be there with the technician or the sales team, be close to them, and have a good working relationship. There are many opportunities for error, so ensuring a close relationship and establishing trust is key.” As a dependable hydraulic and industrial hose replacement franchise, the brand’s quick responsive service and quality products make them stand out from the rest, and their mobile hose service team is ready 24/7/365 to arrive on-site within a 1-Hour ETA, meaning Matt is ready to assist with his team at a moment’s notice. He also shared some insights regarding marketing and business campaigns with PIRTEK. Matt mentioned that sales calls were a major part of his marketing strategy, and he is currently in the process of running a campaign offering free service calls to attract new customers.

Additionally, PIRTEK Merrillville has been involved in charitable initiatives, such as donating to Tunnel to Towers, an organization to support New York City first responders and the families of 9/11 victims and sponsoring a local baseball team. As Matt looks ahead, he firmly believes in the potential for anyone to succeed as a PIRTEK franchisee through dedication and goal orientation. This inspiration, fueled by hard work and a commitment to excellence, is a testament to the opportunities within the franchising world, especially with PIRTEK.



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