Unstoppable Impact of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Retreat


Bryce and Tiana are a power couple that travelled on a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Revitalization Retreat this past spring. PIRTEK USA’s donations go towards the Foundation being able to meet its mission of serving first responder and military marriages.

As just a general, everyday part of their marriage, like many service couples, Bryce and Tiana were able to identify individually there were obstacles placing strain on their marriage, however, while having the tools of combat in their service lives, they didn’t have the tools to combat the obstacles in their marriage as a duo.

The Revitalization Retreat program from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation provides married service couples sessions with a trained marriage coach, a Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, a multi-day short stay – including a ‘fun fund’ – and a follow up with the coach and the CKFF team to build a sense of re-connection.

Bryce and Tiana have found a fresh path to work on their obstacles – together – as a result of the weekend away:

“Before the Revitalization Retreat we tried to confront obstacles individually but now we face them together,” they explained. “Now, thanks to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, we are unstoppable together as a team. Thank you CKFF for all of your support and guidance! You have made a lasting impression on us both and we are honored to be part of the family.”

The Foundation which honors the legacy of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, through the support of PIRTEK USA, events like those you’ll read about in this issue of FLUID and other supporters is able to meet its mission of providing experiences to enhance first responder and military marriages.

Since launching on Veterans Day in 2014, the Foundation has impacted thousands of individuals and has a 99.9% success rate in enabling our couples to re-connect – however, it is only able to service around 15% of requests that come its way. The unique pressures that come from being in a service marriage bring with it a higher than average separation and divorce rate – which is why the Foundation is here.

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is proud to consider PIRTEK USA, its customers and franchisees as a corporate supporter and the small but dedicated team appreciates the continued support that allows it to create a real impact on the lives of those who give so much to our country and communities. More can be read about the Foundation and its mission at www.ckffdn.org.


CKFF’s third Empowered Spouses retreat took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming recently. The event brought together 24 first responder and military spouses from around the country to share time away, but also be presented with the resources needed to improve their marriage.

They were addressed by Taya Kyle and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s lead clinician, Corie Weathers – 2015’s Military Spouse of the Year.The remote location – with limited cell and internet access – brings the ladies out of their comfort zone and through a raft of activities opens them to new experiences – especially experiences they feel comfortable in being able to share with others.

Since starting the Empowered Spouses Retreat three years ago, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has seen a fantastic effect that it has had on the women that have been part of it, many being able to connect and share their experiences after the Retreat and remain in touch with each other.