Tier 2 PIRTEK Franchise Readies for Colorado Startup

Fort Collins resident to begin service Dec. 12 in new, industrially rich territory north of Denver

After announcing the creation of its new Tier 2 program in August, PIRTEK will see a Tier 2 franchise launch this December in Colorado. The new franchise’s territory will run from the north of Denver to the Wyoming state line.

“Construction is huge in that area,” said Fort Collins, CO, resident Rick Ramus, one of PIRTEK’s newest franchisees. “It’s definitely a booming part of the country.”

The new Tier 2 PIRTEK will open officially on Dec. 12, 2016. Ramus is renting a warehouse for his van and inventory storage. “My goal is to be a Tier 1 at the end of two years, if not sooner,” he said.

PIRTEK’s standard, Tier 1 program requires a franchisee to open a full Service & Supply Center staffed with about six team members and three Mobile Service Vehicles – a $50,000 up-front investment. But under the Tier 2 model, a franchisee can lease two vehicles and keep inventory in a storage facility or garage. The new program allows for PIRTEK ownership at a significantly lower point of entry than the traditional model. There are already several franchisees in the process of setting up Tier 2 locations.

Tier 2 franchisees are expected to have a fully staffed and outfitted Service & Supply Center within three years. Each new Mobile Service Vehicle in the fleet widens the exclusive territory. Under the new program, franchisees can take advantage of the full administrative support the PIRTEK corporate office provides as the business grows, just like Tier 1 franchisees.

Ramus recently went through the full training at corporate headquarters in Rockledge, FL, a weeklong series of hands-on sessions he called “fantastic.”

“I don’t know how any owner could start a franchise without going through this,” he said. “It was so thorough and helpful.” He also noted the support of other owners as an encouraging factor during the startup process.

Ramus is hiring two techs who are also going through the training, and will put three vans on the road. He’ll be driving one of them himself as he goes on sales calls. Ramus will also function as a third technician when things get exceptionally busy.

The new PIRTEK owner was an electrical engineer for 32 years before switching careers. He spent a great deal of time researching and reading about various franchise opportunities before choosing PIRTEK. “I wasn’t interested in areas like fast food. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it just wasn’t me,” he said. “PIRTEK intrigued me. For one thing, I really like fixing things. Also, the business model was very appealing and I liked the scalability.”

Ramus added that having a territory, as opposed to a location that depends on walk-ins and localized service, was a plus as he considered his various options. The Colorado territory is crisscrossed with new roads, he said, and is the scene of much industrial activity: oil and gas, waste and recycling, and factories.