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‘Jumbo’ Job: Service Call Takes PIRTEK Technician Into Elephant Domain

It was an unforgettable service call – at least for the elephants.

A situation at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans required immediate attention: Some overhead hydraulic lines in the Asian pachyderms’ back-of-house area were dripping. The call went out to PIRTEK Elmwood.

“They put the elephants in the yard to clear them out,” said Carl Prince, owner of PIRTEK Elmwood. “We used a lift because the hydraulics were up high where the elephants couldn’t reach with their trunks. We ended up replacing steel lines and soft lines. The customer was very happy.”

The hydraulics provide power to the enclosure’s substantial door – a door commensurate with its residents’ incredible size and strength. The elephants’ back-of-house area is essentially a large barn, but heavily reinforced with concrete and steel.

“For most animals at the zoo, you have to have a space where they can safely stay when they’re not on view in their public habitat,” said Jeff Lukas, equipment services manager at Audubon Zoo.

Lukas said the job had a tight time-frame because two new elephants were soon to arrive from Buffalo, NY. “I’ve used a couple places around town. PIRTEK has always done the best job for me, so I called them,” he said.

The PIRTEK technician performed the work from a 26-foot-tall scissor lift provided by the zoo. PIRTEK procured the required hydraulic oil, which is food-grade to provide the animals with extra protection. The oil is also made to have a high flashpoint to prevent fires, Lukas said.

PIRTEK Elmwood completed the job on schedule, and everything worked as it should.

“Kudos to them for getting it done in a timely manner,” Lukas said.

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