Automotive Products

PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers carry a comprehensive range of automotive products for retail and workshop demands. This includes hoses for air, oil, water and stainless steel braided assemblies for custom cars.


• Manufactured to SAE Standards.
• Heater hoses manufactured from EPDM blended compound spirally reinforced and are impervious to radiator additives.
• Custom fabricated lines for specialized modifications or for current and out of production models.
• Classic car database and technical specifications.
• Available in Metrics.

Automotive Products Range:

• OEM Replacement & Custom Brake Lines, Rubber & Stainless Steel
• Performance Braided Hoses
• Air Conditioning Assemblies
• Power Steering Hoses
• Transmission Lines
• Fuel Lines
• Hose Clamps
• Extensive line of Fittings