PIRTEK Offers a Whip Check System as a Safety Measure for Equipment Operators

This article originally appeared on Thomasnet.com

Safety is always the primary concern when operating hydraulic equipment and machinery. If an end fitting becomes disconnected from a high pressure hose the release of energy contained inside can cause serious injury to anyone operating or working on the equipment.

The Whip Check System offered by PIRTEK is a retention system designed to restrain the hose from the “Whipping Effect” created by the release of energy. The system utilizes a safety cable and clamp assembly to secure the hose to the equipment using high tensile screws. The hose clamp is selected based on the outside diameter of the hose and the safety cable is selected based on the type of hose connection. There are two different ways secure the cables to the equipment. The first is a bolt which is fitted to a Code 61 or a Code 62 flange. The second is to attach the cable using steel eyelet/ mounting bracket and a high tensile steel bolt to secure it directly to the equipment.

Using the Whip Check System greatly reduces the risk of injury to equipment operators working in a close proximity to high pressure hoses and damage to other equipment nearby.