PIRTEK helps restart assembly of pickup trucks

It was an abrupt halt for the manufacturers of the country’s top-selling pickup truck. In early May, a vendor that provides a crucial component for the truck’s chassis closed down temporarily – the vendor’s Michigan facility had caught fire. That misfortune immobilized the truck-manufacturer’s output.

PIRTEK Perry in Indianapolis snapped into action as part of a contingency plan to restart production. The automaker had the fire-damaged equipment relocated to a subcontractor outside Indianapolis. But that equipment needed serious re-hosing after the flames took their toll.

That’s when PIRTEK went to work.

“I felt good about the job,” said Brandon Crouch, a technician at PIRTEK Perry. “It went smoothly. The customer was happy – people kept thanking me over and over.”

After the job was completed, the company went to work producing the component, almost immediately. Crouch had played such an important role that he even got to meet the CEO of the giant automaker.

“That was a great opportunity, something that doesn’t come along very often for people in my line of work,” said Crouch, ranked by PIRTEK as one of its top 100 technicians in the United States.

The PIRTEK job in Edinburgh, Indiana, was an emergency project from start to finish. Crouch got the call at a somewhat inopportune time: He was watching cars roar around the track during the Indianapolis 500. But he didn’t mind.

“It wasn’t really a big deal having to leave during the race,” he said. “I’ve seen it for the last eight years or so and this was an important job. They needed us right away.”

It took a little more than a week to get all of the hoses and lines – much of it steel braided – replaced on the die-cast equipment.

“Brandon did some outstanding work for this customer,” said Keith Venis, branch manager at PIRTEK Perry. “With production curtailed on such a popular pickup truck, it was important that the job be done right and quickly. That’s what happened. It went without a hitch and everybody is happy.”

Production of the popular truck resumed later that month ahead of schedule.

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