Pirtek USA Port Terminal Repairs

PIRTEK Gets Port Terminal Equipment Running Again After Hose Failures Hamper Operations

By Paul Martin, owner of PIRTEK Long Beach

When a major piece of hydraulic equipment at one of our port cities is idled because of a hose failure, it takes a painful bite out of productivity. That’s because these machines are responsible for a tremendous amount of output, sometimes working all day and all night.

PIRTEK locations with ports in their territories perform a significant amount of work in the maintenance and repair shops within shipping terminals – the “power shops.” These shops are charged with maintaining the equipment for terminal operations. Many of our service calls from these customers involve hydraulic lines on top-handlers, “yard dogs” and large forklifts.

PIRTEK specializes in hydraulic and industrial hose service. Team members are available 24/7 to provide on site repairs to hydraulic and industrial hoses, thanks to the company’s specially equipped Mobile Service Vehicles. The company has more than 400 locations in 23 countries around the world, including 86 across the United States.

Terminal operations generally order several hydraulic hoses at a time, keeping spares in their facility for whenever a critical piece of equipment requires a hose replacement. PIRTEK locations can furnish these hoses from the inventory at their Service & Supply Centers.

Of course, the smaller warehouse forklifts are familiar to most people, and PIRTEK does a lot of work on this kind of equipment. But port terminals that handle container shipments also operate some of the largest forklift equipment made. These include heavy-duty forklifts, large reach-handlers and empty container top-handlers. They generate a level of power and productivity far beyond the average forklift.

Equipment configuration may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the concept is the same, regardless of which company produces the equipment. All of these move TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) around the terminal yard.

Sometimes a hydraulic hose fails on this massive equipment, halting output. Such emergencies require a quick replacement, which PIRTEK can perform any time of day or night.

Most terminals operate a minimum of two shifts. These large container-handling machines run constantly. Given the perpetual usage and the corrosive marine environment, these units always need hydraulic replacement hoses, both on the spreader functions and the up/down functions. Over-the-mast lines can be up to 32 feet long and are typically ¾-inch lines with flat face fittings. (Connections may differ, depending on the manufacturer.)

If you’re a terminal operator in one of our many port locations, please know that PIRTEK promises a technician at your location within one hour of your call. We’ll Keep You Operating!

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About PIRTEK USA No one replaces hydraulic and industrial hoses faster and more reliably than PIRTEK USA, with our onsite, 24/7 mobile service. When a hose fails on a piece of equipment, a single call brings a PIRTEK Mobile Service Vehicle to you. Our ETA arrival time of one hour lessens expensive downtime and eliminates the need to go out looking for hoses or fittings. There are 85 PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers across the United States. Internationally, PIRTEK boasts a network of more than 400 locations and 2,000 Mobile Service Vehicles in 23 countries. PIRTEK: We’ll keep you operating. www.PIRTEKUSA.com.