PIRTEK Daytona Launches Hydraulic Hose Service Center to Serve Volusia County, Florida Industries

Starting as a mobile-only location, PIRTEK Daytona grows to offer a hydraulic hose service and supply center two years ahead of schedule

PIRTEK Daytona opened its mobile-only hydraulic hose replacement franchise in July 2017 to take advantage of the prolific business and industry growth going on in Volusia County. The ongoing economic health in the area has allowed that franchise to expand ahead of schedule by nearly two years into a full brick-and-mortar Service & Supply Center.

“There’s a lot of current and potential opportunities in the Daytona area for our hydraulic hose service,” said Dan Ferretti, owner of PIRTEK Daytona and PIRTEK Space Coast in Brevard County. “Volusia County features a number of industries and businesses that regularly require the fast services and quality products we provide. From companies that manufacture pumps and cement blocks, to marine-based businesses and heavy equipment rental companies — we keep these industries operating.”

PIRTEK Daytona’s new Service & Supply Center is located at 2841 South Nova Road, Suite 8, South Daytona, Florida.

Among the new business that PIRTEK Daytona has acquired recently is the Daytona International Speedway, site of the Daytona 500. The raceway uses lifts, fork-lift trucks and other pieces of equipment powered by hydraulics.

The surrounding area itself is alive with economic activity as people move into the county and as construction works to accommodate the needs of an expanded population. U.S. Census Data indicates a nearly 2-percent increase last year and a 7-percent increase since 2013.

“So much is going on in Volusia County: In addition to the manufacturing and road construction, Daytona Beach has planned a vast area for new retail space,” said Karin Ferretti, Vice President and Office Manager of PIRTEK Daytona and PIRTEK Space Coast. “They’ve recently opened an outlet mall, and have begun construction on many retail stores and other establishments. We’re anticipating so much growth, that we’re being proactive, getting the ball rolling ahead of time.”

PIRTEK USA’s mobile-only Tier 2 option enables owners to start up a franchise at a lower initial cost. Under Tier 2, a franchisee can keep the inventory in a small warehouse or storage facility and lease two vehicles. The standard Tier 1 model requires a franchisee to have a full Service & Supply Center staffed with six team members and at least two Mobile Service Vehicles. Tier 2 owners are expected to advance to a Tier 1 location in three years.

PIRTEK specializes in hydraulic and industrial hose service through its locations throughout the country. PIRTEK team members are also available 24/7 to provide onsite repairs to hydraulic and industrial hoses, thanks to the company’s specially equipped Mobile Service Vehicles. PIRTEK boasts more than 400 franchise locations in 23 countries around the world, including 84 in the United States.


No one replaces hydraulic and industrial hoses faster and more reliably than PIRTEK USA, with our onsite, 24/7 mobile service. When a hose fails on a piece of equipment, a single call brings a PIRTEK Mobile Service Vehicle to you. Our ETA arrival time of one hour lessens expensive downtime and eliminates the need to go out looking for hoses or fittings. There are 84 PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers across the United States. Internationally, PIRTEK boasts a network of more than 400 locations and 2,000 Mobile Service Vehicles in 23 countries. PIRTEK: We’ll Keep You Operating! www.PIRTEKUSA.com.