PIRTEK Columbia Keeps South Carolina Forestry Commissions Fire Fighting Machinery at the ready

PIRTEK Columbia keeps South Carolina Forestry Commission’s firefighting machinery at the ready

In a classic case of timing is everything, the team at PIRTEK Columbia, a Tier 2 franchise,  was making a round of sales calls when it came upon the offices of the South Carolina Forestry Commission. Team members met with Doug Mills, the commission’s equipment manager, who said their arrival could not have come at a more opportune moment. He had two machines that required immediate attention.

“This visit is the first time I had heard about what PIRTEK had to offer,” Doug said from his office in Columbia. “The key is PIRTEK provides mobile service, because we have about 200 bulldozers across the state that we have to keep running to build firewalls. The meat and potatoes of the forestry division are firehouses and their needs.”

The initial service call was to replace hydraulic hose assemblies and cylinders on two front-end loaders. The job entailed the disassembly of the machines, replacing hoses, refurbishing cylinders and finally putting it all together again. The job involved about two-and-half-weeks of downtime, Doug said.

“It was nice not to have to load the equipment on trailers and haul it away for servicing,” Doug said. “I was very pleased with the convenience and especially the outcome. We’ll likely expand our services with PIRTEK after this first job.”

Jason Barrs, owner of PIRTEK Columbia, said since he started the Tier 2 operation in November 2017, he has had his eye on providing service to the commission.

“The commission has a significant responsibility to the residents of South Carolina, and I knew we could help maintain its large inventory of equipment and vehicles,” said Jason, who noted that sales rep Robert Church was instrumental in securing the account. “We were a natural fit as a mobile service and look forward to expanding our relationship with Doug and his entire team.”

The Armed Forces donates the decommissioned equipment to the forestry service, and with the wear and tear from vigorous duty, the machines require frequent maintenance.

The fire season is over in South Carolina but should a summer drought arise and ignite the landscape, requiring the commission to deploy equipment to battle flames, PIRTEK Columbia will be at the ready when duty calls.