PIRTEK Columbia-First PIRTEK in South Carolina


Jason Barrs opened his franchise, PIRTEK Columbia, under the company’s Tier 2 model, which was rolled out last year.

Barrs became a PIRTEK owner after 17 years in the insurance industry working in claims. Before working in insurance, however, Barrs had spent some time in the hydraulics industry. He thought about returning to that field in some capacity, and started searching online for a franchise after a friend suggested he consider that route. “PIRTEK popped up on top of the search results,” he said. “So, I checked out the company, did my homework and liked what I was seeing.”

After he contacted the headquarters in Rockledge, FL, and inquired into PIRTEK franchising, Barrs decided to make the trip down to gain a better feel for the company. “It just kind of took off from there,” he said. “When I went down there, I was excited. When I left, I was thrilled and I couldn’t wait to get started.”

Barrs plans to pursue the typical industries that benefit from PIRTEK’s services: construction, manufacturing, farming. “I’m looking forward to growing the business and making this successful,” he said. “I firmly believe that life leads you where it’s going to lead you. Life led me here and it’s exciting.”

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