Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Retreat Couple

PIRTEK and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to continue serving in 2018

The relationship between PIRTEK USA and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, in a mutual effort to provide experiences to service couples, will continue in 2018.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation(CKFF) and PIRTEK relationship saw a number of couples hosted at NHRA events with Torrence Racing throughout 2017. This year, PIRTEK will be contributing in various ways to Revitalization Retreat couples.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has a range of programs that it brings couples through. This is in an effort to address the rigors of service on the marriage. As statistically, marriages of those who serve result in a significantly higher than average divorce rate.

A date night out is the starting point for many couples with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Activities such as a night at a Baseball game, Bowling at “Bowl and Barrel” in Dallas or an afternoon at NHRA, it is designed to allow couples time off. In many of these cases it has been years since they had the opportunity to just have those few hours together and let someone else serve them.

Richard and Karen, a couple who benefitted from PIRTEK’s contributions were able to have a day at the NHRA in Vegas. They contacted Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in the months following their Date Night Out with some great feedback. “It had been months since Karen and I have been on a date,” said Richard. “Just to have the chance to spend a day out with my wife was so special to us. This will be etched in our memories for a lifetime. Thank you for keeping Chris’ memory alive and doing wonderful events like tonight. We had such a great time, we’ll cherish it forever.”

CKFF’s Revitalization Retreats are the signature program where couples will have a short stay at a resort or hotel with a ‘fun fund’ where they get to spend time together doing an activity or attending a show.  As another part of their package, they are taken through counselling sessions before going on their Retreat to assess where their strengths lie and where some of the fractures may be in their marriage – and this continues upon their return.

In 2017, Mastering Your Marriage was launched by CKFF in association with Baylor University and the University of Texas, with support from The Moody Foundation and USAA Insurance. MYM is a six-month curriculum-based program through which, over a series of weeks, has shown that selected couples started to show positive impact just within weeks of starting the program. This is supported by an App where the couple accesses course materials and guidance from the University clinicians. CKFF is already seeing bonds between like minded couples, that didn’t know each other before the Mastering Your Marriage process started.

And finally, entering its third year in 2018, is the Empowered Spouses Retreat. This brings together spouses from the military and first responder communities in a remote location to share their experiences and talk through many of the struggles they experience with CKFF-appointed clinicians. Team building and other activities also take place during the course of this program.

In 2018, Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has a goal of increasing its impact across the military, veteran and first responder spectrum to serve more marriages of whom serve our country and communities.

It is through the support of organizations like PIRTEK, its franchisees and staff that allow the Foundation to carry out its mission.


PIRTEK and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to continue serving in 2018