PIRTEK Clearfield opens in Utah near Hill Air Force Base

Franchise Owner Todd Miceli starts second PIRTEK USA Tier 1 location in Syracuse, Utah. The new service center is located near busy Hill Air Force Base and PIRTEK Clearfield will seek local business from military, construction, transportation, manufacturing sectors.

PIRTEK helps restart assembly of pickup trucks

It was an abrupt halt for the manufacturers of the country’s top-selling pickup truck. In early May, a vendor that provides a crucial component for the truck’s chassis closed down temporarily – the vendor’s Michigan facility had caught fire. That misfortune immobilized the truck-manufacturer’s output. PIRTEK Perry in Indianapolis snapped into action as part of […]

PIRTEK vans running off propane

PIRTEK franchisees come into the business from all walks of life. Sometimes that career experience can pay off in tangible ways. Gregory Shideler’s past life as a self-described “gasman” is a prime example. Before owning PIRTEK Kent and PIRTEK Seattle, Shideler worked in the propane industry where he learned about the advantages of running vehicles on that fuel instead of on gasoline only.