New ‘Mobile Only’ Houston location marks third PIRTEK in Texas port city

PIRTEK has added a mobile-only franchise in Houston, the third PIRTEK location in the metro area.

Owners John and Alison Abercrombie opened a full Service & Supply Center – PIRTEK Gulfgate – in January 2016. Since then, their business has thrived, making it possible for them to open a second franchise: PIRTEK Beltway North. They are opening the new location together with their son, Thomas Abercrombie.

John Abercrombie, who launched his first Houston location after moving his family from Australia, said that building strong customer relationships has made all the difference. “Our success has largely been a result of a focus on customer service: We go above and beyond for our customers and this has built long-term, mutually beneficial relationships,” Abercrombie said. “We also look after our staff; we recognize that without them we don’t have a business.”

The plan for Tier 2 franchisees is that they grow into a fully staffed and outfitted Service & Supply Center within three years. Each new Mobile Service Vehicle in the fleet widens the franchisee’s exclusive territory.

“The Abercrombies have done an excellent job building their business and we’re so pleased to see them starting up another,” said Glenn Duncan, CEO of PIRTEK. “Their location has been highly successful, outpacing even some of those PIRTEK locations that have been with us much longer. It’s a tribute to their hard work and strategic planning.”

As a port city and teeming metroplex, Houston offers many opportunities for hydraulic hose replacement. In addition to maritime business, there is also a great deal of construction, manufacturing and other industries that use hydraulic equipment.