PIRTEK owners MIke and Janice McCarthy

Meet the Franchisee | Mike and Janice McCarthy

Meet the Franchisee. Owners of PIRTEK Alpharetta, Dobbins, and Norcross. Mike and Janice McCarthy have been franchisees for 15 years.

How did you first become aware of PIRTEK and its franchise system?

In 2003 I decided to leave the corporate world to own my own business. At the time, my preference was to find a proven concept that was a good fit with my experience building engineering businesses. In my research, I came across PIRTEK. 

What attracted you to becoming a PIRTEK franchisee over other businesses that you investigated?

There were several factors.  First and foremost was the fact that the PIRTEK product and service was and essentially still is immune to disruption.  There is simply nothing on the horizon that will replace on a significant scale a hydraulic hose assembly as a means of transferring the massive forces used in heavy machinery. Second was the diversity of applications and customers who benefit from the PIRTEK service so that we would never become over dependant on any one customer. Third was my strong belief in the power of branding. When we opened Pirtek Norcross in 2004 nobody in Metro Atlanta had ever heard of Pirtek.  Today with 5 branches and close to 20 service vans Pirtek is number one in our industry in Georgia and is growing stronger every day.       

PIRTEK is often described as a family – as a franchisee – can you elaborate on some of the elements that makes PIRTEK feel like a family?

At the individual franchise level, being a 24/7 emergency service requires having a team of Technicians, Operations Managers, Office staff, and Owners who work well together even under daily stressful conditions. It takes time to build a highly functioning team, but once you have the right people in place, it becomes like a family.  Additionally, as a 15-year franchisee, one of the great benefits has been the network of friends we have made with other franchisees and at PIRTEK USA that we speak with and see regularly.

What are some of the major positives to being a PIRTEK franchisee?

A proven business model, a service that is in high demand, a franchisor who is committed to investing heavily in the PIRTEK brand and a network of other franchisees at different stages of development that is always ready to offer advice and support.

Before getting into the PIRTEK way of life, what industry(s) were you involved in?

I spent 20 years with the General Electric Company and 5 years with Siemens supplying electrical products and engineering services to heavy manufacturing industries and utilities.

What are some of the major benefits – whether financial or lifestyle – that you’ve found from being a PIRTEK franchisee?

 After 25 years in Corporate America – independence.

If anyone reading was thinking about buying a PIRTEK franchise, what would you say to them?

For the reasons I listed earlier – this is a strong business model that will remain strong. It takes time, but if you look after your people and your customers and if you execute well, you will be successful.  In the early years focus on steadily growing sales while keeping a very close eye on costs and cash flow. Cash is King!

Can you identify some of the best things about owning a business under the PIRTEK banner?

The growing strength of the brand, the systems, and support from PIRTEK USA that allow you to focus on execution, not invention, and the network of fellow franchisees that is available for support and advice.

What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned about either yourself or your business since becoming a PIRTEK franchisee?

Being a PIRTEK business owner has required me to wear a lot of hats.  I learned early on that I needed to acknowledge my own areas of weakness and rely on others with complementary skill sets to better handle those areas.   

PIRTEK – through being on-call 24/7 – is known for how dynamic and adaptable its product range is – surely you’ve got some stories about unique uses product or sticky situations you or your staff have found themselves in?

We recently were sent on a service call by one of our rental customers to Flowery Branch, Georgia.  When he arrived on site, our Technician found that he was on the set of the TV Series – Ozark.  We’re waiting to hear from the producers in which episode he will be featured.

Stay tuned!

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