PIRTEK Valley View Owner Bill and Sandy Hubbell

Meet The Franchisee | Bill and Sandy Hubbell

PIRTEK Valley View is located in Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A. | Years in PIRTEK: 15

How did you first become aware of PIRTEK and its franchise system?

Initially, I believe I came across Pirtek through its inclusion in the Franchise Top 100 back in 2003 while looking for business opportunities both in and outside the franchise community.

What attracted you to becoming a PIRTEK franchisee over other businesses that you investigated?

My background and experiences came out of either being in or servicing the agricultural and turf & ornamental industry. As I started looking for a new business to get involved with, I wanted to be sure to include but also look beyond those. I enjoy building business to business relationships that last. When I first started looking into what Pirtek provided, I thought… ‘I would use that service, so I could probably sell it.’

PIRTEK is often described as a family – as a franchisee – can you elaborate on some of the elements that make PIRTEK feel like a family?

The network of franchisees is very supportive of each other. Questions get answered, and inventory gets shared. More recently the support coming from PirtekUSA has expanded and been very engaged. The PUSA sales team has directly influenced our sales growth and is appreciated. Finally, the annual meeting facilitates getting back together with other members of the network to catch up and share ideas, successes, and challenges.

What are some of the major positives of being a PIRTEK franchisee?

Coming in from outside the industry, the training provided on the technical part of the hydraulic industry was very valuable. After a few weeks, myself and the team were competent and gaining confidence in their ability to service a variety of hydraulic service requirements. We continue to learn every day. A lot of that comes from being challenged by our customers to do more for them as they gain confidence in us from the everyday hose replacement. Another benefit as Pirtek grows the network is the opportunities it can provide. It gives technicians, managers, and administrative team members the opportunity to build a career should they choose. Whether it is a promotion inside our franchise, a desire to relocate with a job waiting on the other end, opening your own franchise or working with PirtekUSA are all paths for our team we share to keep them engaged and moving forward.  

If anyone reading was thinking about buying a PIRTEK franchise, what would you say to them?

Today’s Pirtek system is a lot different than it was 15 years ago when I opened. New ownership, management, support and energy has the company on the move. The name has gained recognition with time and an expanding network. Maybe as important the on-site hose replacement services offered are getting more mainstream and accepted by the customer. (It was a pretty foreign concept 15 years ago). That along with the emphasis to build a national account customer base should make it easier for a new franchise to be successful much faster. I’m not saying it is easy, or won’t take a lot of work and focus, but a larger foundation now exists.

PIRTEK – through being on-call 24/7 – is known for how dynamic and adaptable its product range is – surely you’ve got some stories about unique uses product or sticky situations you or your staff have found themselves in?

There have been too many to recall the best stories. One that always comes to mind was getting a call from a GM plant needing a hose they couldn’t find made and replaced at 10:00 at night because by midnight the plant would have to close. The broken machine loaded the scrap metal coming off the end of the assembly line into rail cars and the scrap wasn’t being loaded and getting very backed up. If I remember right, they said it costs them a million dollars to shut down and restart the plant. They didn’t have to shut down as we had what we need on the van and had them running by 11:15. But there are stories every day. Whether it’s a loaded concrete truck that blows a hose and can’t unload or an asphalt paver that breaks down with 5 loaded dump trucks of hot (but cooling off) asphalt waiting we work hard every day to keep our customers running.

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