PIRTEK North Valley and PIRTEK South Valley Owners

Meet The Franchisee | Carl and Carroll Jones

PIRTEK North Valley and PIRTEK South Valley, Denver Colorado

Years in PIRTEK: 18.5 Years

How did you first become aware of PIRTEK and its franchise system?

PIRTEK in Minneapolis was becoming the market share leader in the local hydraulic market place. They were taking market share from the company I was working for at the time, and taking on new business that wasn’t available without the concept of a mobile hose service.

What attracted you to becoming a PIRTEK franchisee over other businesses that you investigated?

The business model fits perfectly into our family startup business plan. Most of the men in our family already had hose and/or mechanical experience. We were also attracted to PIRTEK because the Small Business Association was willing to support this franchise.

PIRTEK is often described as a family – as a franchisee – can you elaborate on some of the elements that make PIRTEK feel like a family?

The franchise system gives you an opportunity to meet and work with other franchise owners and build long term relationships with peer groups. We have participated in several overseas trips with fellow franchise owners and corporate team members, visiting PIRTEK locations in Europe and Australia. While getting to know them during these travels, they became a great sounding board. This becomes very similar to a family, you end up in no holds barred meetings just like family.

What are some of the major positives of being a PIRTEK franchisee?

One of the major positive is the gratification of getting a customer up and running and solving their problem. Another major positive is helping and watching our team grow, from job skills to purchasing a new house.  Just being a small part of their lives is gratifying.

Before getting into the PIRTEK way of life, what industry(s) were you involved in?

Carl was involved with industrial rubber products, and Carroll worked in accounting.

What are some of the major benefits – whether financial or lifestyle – that you’ve found from being a PIRTEK franchisee?

You get to work with so many different people from all walks of life; they help you grow not only as a person they also help grow your business.  The banker, the insurance company, the accountant, the local water company, your neighbor, and so many more that you wouldn’t think of, end up being in your corner. They all help move things along, it is a benefit to know them.

If anyone reading was thinking about buying a PIRTEK franchise, what would you say to them?

The advice we give to anyone looking to start a PIRTEK franchise is to do your homework.  If you are new to this industry, look to hire team members who have been in the hose and fitting business, and always call the PIRTEK USA Corporate Headquarters with questions. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

Can you identify some of the best things about owning a business under the PIRTEK brand?

Good things about being under the brand is being recognized not only by customers but by our competition. Having someone mention our involvement in NASCAR and Snocross racing is also a happy exchange.

What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned about either yourself or your business since becoming a PIRTEK franchisee?

The biggest things we learned is don’t take anything for granted. If you tell someone anything, they will take it as gospel, so make sure you know what you are talking about. You must not take yourself too seriously, back off and smell the roses.

PIRTEK – through being on-call 24/7 – is known for how dynamic and adaptable its product range is – surely, you’ve got some stories about unique uses product or sticky situations you or your staff have found themselves in?

 One of our favorite jobs was fixing a hydraulic winch out in the middle of a lake, we had to load the van up onto a barge and get towed out through the water to complete the job. Another was providing the Denver Zoo with hose and fittings to run 23 pneumatic operated dinosaurs. We had hose laying all over the grounds. All 23 of these rubber monsters had lifelike movements and were a treat for kids of all ages. The dinosaurs were moving and growling very life like for several months.

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