Expansion Continues with the Opening of PIRTEK Riverside in Austin, TX

Dean_AkinAustin, TX, USA – The owner of the PIRTEK franchise in San Antonio, TX, is expanding his business in that state by setting up a new location in Austin – an operation that will be part of our new Tier 2 franchise program. Two Mobile Service Vehicles commenced service on February 6, 2017 and will be providing on site hose replacement to businesses in the area.

“I expect rapid growth,” said Dean Akin, owner of PIRTEK Broadway in San Antonio. “We’re going to push forward in everything we do there.”

Akin’s operation is the fifth Tier 2 PIRTEK franchise to open since the company made the option available in August 2016. The Tier 2 model is a mobile-only option that allows a franchisee to lease two vehicles and keep inventory in a storage facility. Under the standard, Tier 1 program, a franchisee must open a full Service & Supply Center staffed with about six team members and three Mobile Service Vehicles.

“The new program is an excellent opportunity to go out with a smaller budget and put down a footprint,” Akin said, adding that he plans to turn the new business into a Tier 1 as soon as possible.

Akin said he prefers operating the new Tier 2 a substantial distance away from his existing territory in San Antonio, which is about 150 miles to the southwest. It allows him to set up in a metro area that has no existing PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers. “I like idea of a new area, fresh territory to expand into,” he said. “I like the challenge.”

Akin opened his Tier 1 PIRTEK franchise two years ago, and attributes much of his success to sticking with his principles and working hard every day. “It’s not magic, it’s just doing the right thing,” he said.