PIRTEK Gulfgate owner John Abercrombie

Customer Service: It’s Not So Complicated

By John Abercrombie, co-owner of PIRTEK Gulfgate and PIRTEK Beltway North

PIRTEK locations across the country feature some of the most highly-qualified hydraulic hose technicians in the industry. But there’s more to customer service than the hands-on maintenance and repair work. 

My wife, Alison, and I run PIRTEK Gulfgate and PIRTEK Beltway North based on several indispensable principles, but none are more important than providing peak customer service. It’s something we’re careful to instill in our team, because customer service is everyone’s work. It’s not just the province of the owners or management. All of our technicians should ask themselves, regularly, “How am I meeting the needs of this customer, and how can I exceed expectations?”

Maintaining this attitude a matter of deliberate mindfulness, of keeping that value in our consciousness when we interact with our customers.

Communication goes a long way toward providing superior service. So often, when people have a bad experience with a service company, it’s the result of poor communication. Some aspect of the work wasn’t explained well, or there was a misunderstanding. This is so preventable.

We’re always careful to tell customers exactly what we’re going to go, then explain it again after the work is done. Follow-up is key. And our team members try to use clear, plain language, not jargon likely to obscure clarity.

On the topic of communicating with our customers – and with the public at large – I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention common courtesy. Treating people with respect, being polite and considerate, may seem like a given. These days, that’s not necessarily the case. So, we’re careful to practice courtesy in every one of our interactions. People notice.

Another vital component of serving the customer is to simply concentrate on doing the best job possible. It sounds obvious and even a little trite. But we emphasize it, regardless. We all appreciate when someone renders us outstanding service, especially when we get more than we expected. So, it’s a simple precept with us: Provide the level of service you want from others, a kind of customer service “Golden Rule.”

Customer service excellence isn’t complicated. Much of it is common sense. Doing these things unfailingly – making them habitual – will contribute greatly to the health and success of a business. It’s how we do things at our PIRTEK locations, day after day.

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