PIRTEK Chattanooga owner Matt Gary

Chattanooga Enjoys Best Month Ever Despite Pandemic

Tier 2 location completes first year near Tennessee-Georgia border 

PIRTEK Chattanooga celebrated its one-year anniversary in August, and a gift has arrived just in time to mark the occasion: a banner month.

“We’ve just had our best month of sales since opening,” said Matt Gary, owner of the Tier 2, mobile-only location. He also owns a Tier 2 in Cartersville, GA, that opened in January 2018.

It’s been a roller-coaster year for businesses, given the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and the dwindling economy it created. Even with PIRTEK’s services deemed essential, many businesses requiring hose-replacement services were not running at full capacity, decreasing demand.

“It’s been sporadic – either wide open or slow,” Gary said of the past year. He started as a tech with PIRTEK Red Oak in Atlanta and worked that location seven years before investing in his own franchise.

Despite all the difficulties, Gary and his team have remained consistent in their efforts to grow the business. The recent surge in sales is a testament to their tenacity.

“You just have to be willing to be consistent and see it through,” he said. “It takes a lot of dedication, and you have to want it.”

Gary runs the business in partnership with his wife, Kandi. Together, they’ve created a distinct division of labor. He works closely with customers, generates sales and manages the Mobile Service Technicians. Kandi manages the administrative and financial side of the business.

Both Gary locations are mobile-only franchises. The Tier 2 option allows business owners to launch a PIRTEK at a lower initial cost. A Tier 2 franchisee typically keeps the inventory in a small warehouse or storage facility and leases two vehicles. By contrast, the standard Tier 1 model requires a franchisee to have a full Service & Supply Center staffed with six team members and at least two Mobile Service Vehicles. Tier 2 owners are expected to advance to a Tier 1 location in three years.

Among the values that have helped the Garys succeed over the past year has been Matt’s philosophy to “leave it better than you found it,” the essence of good customer service. Taking a few extra minutes to properly secure hoses or reroute them for better functionality goes a long way toward customer satisfaction, he said.

Also making a significant impact on the Garys’ success has been the practice of reinvesting in the business, particularly in the inventory. It takes some finesse to find what Kandi calls the “sweet spot” between having excessive inventory and not enough. Through trial and error, they’ve found a balance between essential inventory and enough extra to meet a customer’s needs regardless of job size.

“Our goal is to never have to tell a customer, ‘We don’t have appropriate inventory to complete this job,’” Kandi Gary said. “Matt is really big on having the necessary inventory on hand, and that’s a financial investment. It’s a decision he made early on and it has definitely benefited us. We continue to build on that.”

As a result, people know they can count on PIRTEK Chattanooga for both “the little stuff and the big stuff,” Kandi added.

“It is a balancing act,” she said, “one that requires the tough decision to build for the future using early revenues.”

It can be a conundrum for a new business. But the Garys believe the investment in additional inventory pays them back by giving them to ability to accommodate larger jobs and meet new customers’ needs more quickly.

PIRTEK Chattanooga’s solid August has enabled them to bring on a sales rep to help further solidify their business and expand customer reach.

In the end, said Matt, the road to success requires travelers to exhibit some indispensable personal traits: “You have to be a risk-taker, even stubborn. You need the attitude of, ‘This will not fail.’”

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