PIRTEK Norfolk Franchise owner Jeff Ohstrom

Car Buffs Depend on PIRTEK Norfolk to Customize Lines for Brakes, AC, and Clutches

Jeff Ohstrom, Owner of PIRTEK Norfolk, is enjoying steady business from a clientele not ordinarily associated with PIRTEK: car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Virginia Beach-based Service & Supply Center has recently branched out from hydraulics to perform hose work in high-performance automotive applications. Customers are now coming into the PIRTEK Norfolk shop requesting custom-made hoses to serve as brake lines, clutch lines, air conditioning lines, and other applications.

“There’s a lot of growth potential there,” said Ohstrom, who acquired PIRTEK Norfolk in May 2018. “We’ve found a definite niche with these customers.”

These aren’t typical motorists coming into the shop: They’re car buffs, racers, people who own hotrods. Accordingly, Ohstrom carries a line of hoses from distributors BrakeQuip and Roadrunner Performance to meet his customers’ growing automotive needs.

PIRTEK Norfolk customizes brake lines

“We can customize all these lines for them,” Ohstrom said. “One guy brought in a line for a Harley, but he needed a different size. We did the work for him. He told us we do a nice job, and we’re certainly more cost-effective than going to Harley for the same thing.”

It’s one of the few places these auto buffs can visit and get what they need in short order, Ohstrom added. “There aren’t a lot of alternatives, this isn’t something you can just pick up at the auto parts store,” he said.

Ohstrom said that working on hydraulic hoses equips a person well for customizing automotive customers’ various lines. “The skill set involved in doing these lines is the same as doing the hydraulic hoses,” he said. “If you can work with a normal hydraulic hose, you can do this. It’s pretty much the same.”

Besides automotive, much of PIRTEK Norfolk’s base consists of military, seaport and airport clients. The Service & Supply Center has been in place for 10 years at 5760 Northampton Blvd, #104, Virginia Beach.

A U.S. Army veteran, Ohstrom has long experience in multinational companies, including one where he worked 27 years just before becoming a PIRTEK owner.

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