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Franchise Presence in the US Continues Substantial Growth

                PIRTEK Bolingbrook (Chicago, IL)                                  we’re building relationships, getting
                                                                                  the message out that we’re not a new
                                                                                  company. We’re part of a successful
                                                                                  presence in Doral and we’re backed
                                                                                  up by a worldwide franchising
                                                                                  company that’s been around for
                                                                                  more than 30 years.” PIRTEK Fort
                                                                                  Lauderdale will pursue business in
                                                                                  the area’s industrial sector, marinas,
                                                                                  construction and rental businesses.

                                                                                  July 5th - Daytona, FL
                                                                                  Another current owner of a Tier 1
                                                                                  business in Florida, PIRTEK Space
                                                                                  Coast’s, Dan Ferretti has also
                                                                                  expanded his presence with the
                                                                                  addition of PIRTEK Daytona. With
                                                                                  this addition, the PIRTEK franchise

                                             June 19th - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                                             Carlos Shortt of PIRTEK Doral
                                             in South East Florida has taken
                                             advantage of this new model by
                                             opening PIRTEK Ft. Lauderdale.
                                             Carlos and his team at PIRTEK Doral
                                             were already servicing customers
                                             in the Ft. Lauderdale area and he
                     Tier     2

                                                                                  presence in Florida is up to 12
                                                                                  centers. “The Tier 2 model makes
                                                                                  franchise ownership more accessible
                                                                                  to a larger group,” said Ferretti. “It
                                                                                  also enables existing owners to own
                                                                                  multiple franchises. We wanted to
                                                                                  take advantage of that benefit so
                                                                                  would could expand and consolidate
                                                                                  our coverage area on the coast.”
         The Tier 2 model was launched       knew it was an easy decision to add
         less than a year ago and is already   in more Mobile Service Vehicles to   “Volusia County is a good location for
         a big success. With the Tier 2      secure the territory. “Some of our   PIRTEK because of all the marinas,
         model, entrepreneurs can start      customers in Doral also do work      manufacturing and rental business.
         up a franchise at a lower point of   in Fort Lauderdale,” Shortt said.   It should be similar to the business
         entry. The franchisee can keep the   “They’ve asked us if we could have a   we’re doing in Brevard County,” he
         inventory in a small warehouse      presence in that area so we can take   said. “We expect PIRTEK Daytona to
         or storage facility and lease two   care of their hose issues. We’re taking   be a strong location for us, and we’re
         vehicles. The standard Tier 1 model   the step forward.”                 looking forward to growing it into a
         requires a franchisee to have a full                                     Tier 1 as soon as possible.”
         Service and Supply Center staffed   Shortt said he has studied the area’s
         with six team members and at least   business profile extensively and
         two Mobile Service Vehicles. Tier 2   considers the new Tier 2 an excellent
         owners are expected to advance to   opportunity on Florida’s east coast.
         a Tier 1 model within three years.  “I did my research,” he said. “Now

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